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“Psychologically twisted from beginning to end, Jerry has his reasons to love Labor Day.”
“Old West History Just Got Horrifying”
A Christian crime novel from Jon J. Cardwell and P. K. Vandcast.


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Welcome to Bisbee, Arizona: where your dreams become nightmares and your nightmares become realities.

He blames his mom. He blames himself. He would blame politics, providence and Pima County if he thought it would help. It’s been two years since his parents divorced and fifteen-year-old Ian Cain is trapped in that wretched purgatory of no longer a boy but not quite a man. If puberty and parental divorce weren’t enough, Ian’s best friend, Mike, is a stoner from a broken home; his girlfriend, Heather, is so wonderful that it only makes him feel inferior and self-conscious; and the school’s star quarterback is a bully who hates his guts.

Ian’s only reprieve comes when his long lost love for the old west, romantic notions he shelved as childish since the divorce, are rekindled when his mother suggests a family outing at the historic Wild West mining towns of Bisbee and Tombstone. When the Ghost Town Tour in Bisbee is interrupted by an unexpected rain storm, Ian, Heather, Mike, and five other teens split from the tour group and find refuge in the haunted Savoy Hotel and Saloon.

The sinister, 162-year-old Palmer L. Jackson appears and tells the teens they are trapped in the saloon just as he had been; but feigning helpfulness, his evil motives manifest. After three deaths, countless blowflies, and a gunmanship lesson from Wyatt Earp, Jackson escapes and things get ugly, pronto.

Ian realizes that, as the only one immune to Jackson’s diabolical powers, it’s up to him to go after Jackson and save Arizona; but first, he must escape from the saloon. Even with the help of a medicine man, a spirit guide, and a territorial marshal from 1881 to equip and prepare him, it won’t be easy. The risks are high; the sacrifices, huge; the mission, twistical; the showdown, deadly.

WARNING: This book contains graphic violence and adult language and situations not suitable for young children.

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Words from Van

“I hope my readers come away from the last page encouraged or challenged. For although the stories I write are fiction, who hasn't felt trapped; or faced incredible odds; or needed to make an important decision? My books are mere episodes of the stories of life in all of us.”


Wit from Van

“My pappy told me, 'When you read horror, it's best to read with the lights on.' I found it helps for most other kinds of books too.”

“I can't write erotica so I write western horror. To me there's not much difference between the two... I'm scared of both..”

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