In Bisbee, Arizona, Evil has a Name...


Jonas Cane, U.S. Marshal - Book Two

It's 1881, Palmer L. Jackson now lives in Bisbee, Arizona and he has purchased the Savoy Hotel and Saloon. As Bisbee embarks upon its first ever Oktoberfest celebration in Brewery Gulch, strange and horrifying things begin to happen in the little Cochise County town nestled twenty-five miles south of Tombstone.

Five months earlier, the macabre bloodshed at the Bar Double R was the beginning of an insidious plague. The gates of hell were opened the night the Roeter family was butchered and horror brooded over the face of Cochise County in unspeakable darkness. But that was only an introduction to the evil that crouched at the door. The real horror has only just begun.

After having arrested desperado, Wild Juan Espinoza, Jonas Cane, Deputy U.S. Marshal and town marshal for Bisbee, must face a horror more sinister than the sadist that tortured and killed the men and women of the Roeter ranch. Cane must face the evil that lurks beneath the surface of malicious fiends and murderers. Cane requests another Deputy U.S. Marshal from Tucson, but will another territorial marshal be able to help?

Will it be a matter of numbers or a matter of shear nerve?

Will good triumph over evil?

Will Bisbee, Arizona survive?

While keeping you on the edge of your seat, this western horror thriller will takes aim at applying historical accuracy through fictitious license in tying in well-known figures of the American west, as well more famous events, such as the Tombstone, Arizona gunfight at the O. K. Corral.

WARNING: For mature audiences. This book contains graphic violence and adult language and situations.