The Little People

Welcome to Panner’s Point, Alaska. Population: You...

The nightmares of Gulf War veteran, Johnson Poe, have subsided into bad dreams. If you had told him he’d witness something more horrifying than he had seen in the Middle East, he would have said you were crazy. Having left the military, he now works in Hollywood as a movie researcher. Many projects he undertakes are for horror movies and true crime thrillers. If this job teaches him nothing else, it has taught him this: fiction can never be more sinister or horrifying t han real life.

When Poe travels to Alaska to research the savage serial murders and cannibalism perpetuated by Bobby Joe Owsley, he discovers how real life is more terrifying than fiction. Befriended by the village pastor and his family while most of the village residents are away for salmon fishing, Poe learns of the background leading up to the events which would leave western Alaska in a bloody shambles. As he delves deeper into his research, Poe is beguiled by a mysterious young beauty and drawn in by native superstitions.

Attempting to keep his wits about him while he wrestles between dreams and reality, Poe will come face to face with the depth of his worse fears and the summit of his consuming lusts.

Will Johnson Poe bring the truth of this infamous incident to light by way of movie magic? Or will he find there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in his philosophy?

Lust meets legend in this new novella from P. K. Vandcast, author of Twistical Tales and Bye Bye, Miss American Pie.

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