Deja Vu May Surprise You

Premonition in Paradise

Former U.S. Navy SEAL, Niccolo Soliz, gets every possible break fate and Hollywood can throw at a guy in the past five years. Now, he’s one of the highest paid action heroes in American film. This position in life come with both the perks and the problems. Yet, there’s a dark secret Niccolo has managed to keep from the paparazzi and his closest pals.

When Niccolo travels incognito to the tropical paradise of Boracay to get away from it all, he never imagined he would find the girl of his dreams.

She’s mysterious. She’s lovely. She’s perfect...

...however, she has a dark secret of her own.

Premonitions can be both good and bad, can’t they?

When the volcano, Mount Pinatubo, is due to erupt and Super Typhoon Yunya looms near, Niccolo Soliz will soon find out how real premonitions and feelings of déjà vu can be.

Tenderness meets terror in this new novella from P. K. Vandcast, author of Labor Day and Twistical Tales.

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