Meet P. K. Vandcast

I was born in El Paso, Texas, the son of a rodeo clown. My mom passed away when I was four and I grew up following the rodeo circuit wherever my father could get work. Ropers, bull riders, and broncobusters were my playmates, schoolmates and friends growing up, and I learned to love the tales of the Old West, horror stories around an open fire, and humorous anecdotes of all kind-- tales tall, small, true, and blue.

After several years spent overseas in the military, I now lead a simple life among friends and family, wherever that may lead me; with lengthier stays in southern California, southeast Arizona, north-central Alabama, and northern Florida.

Why Do I Write?

I've lived a lot of life and lived it large; but although I speak English, America is not the same place I left when I was a young military man full of piss and vinegar. I write thrillers and horror to entertain, most certainly; but more than that, I write in order to employ the mind and provoke the soul of my readers. By whatever mask the story is formed, comic or tragic, I hope my readers come away from the last page encouraged or challenged. For although the stories I write are fiction, who hasn't felt trapped; or faced incredible odds; or needed to make an important decision? My books are mere episodes of the stories of life in all of us.

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On Horror

“My pappy told me, 'When you read horror, it's best to read with the lights on.' I found it helps for most other kinds of books too.”

On Forensics

“The Wild West didn't have much in the way of forensics; when you saw the bullet hole you'd say, 'That's prob'ly what kilt 'im.'.”

On Thrillers

“My pappy told me, 'Exciting is when you've got a Brahma's attention and finding your shoe's unlaced.' (Remember: Pappy was a Rodeo clown).”

On Erotica

“I can't write erotica so I write western horror. To me there's not much difference between the two... I'm scared of both.”